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Melissa Jagdmann



My Story

I was introduced to Scentsy in the fall of 2009, by a friend in my neighborhood. I was immediately impressed by the practicality and the quality of this product. The warmer scents are amazing and inviting, and I was so excited that she had discovered such a cool product! If you like candles, you will absolutely love the Scentsy wickless system. They are flameless, soot-less, and smoke free. The warmers make great housewarming, wedding or birthday gifts, and there is a design and color to match any home decor. And with over 80 unique fragrances, you will surely find one (or two or ten!) that makes you smile! After placing my fourth order as a Scentsy customer, I thought: "Hey! I should sell this stuff!" My journey as a Scentsy consultant has been so fulfilling and rewarding. Want to join in on the fun? I would love for you to join my team! Feel free to email me for more information about becoming a Scentsy consultant! Scentsy has many perks, including the opportunity to earn free trips! I took my husband to Hawaii on a trip that I earned from being a Scentsy consultant! Want to vacation for free too? I am here to help! I am been wonderfully overhwhlemed by how excited my customers have been when I introduce them the wonderful world of Scentsy! I am thankful for their support, and thank you for visiting my website!    

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